Wheels of Love

There are families in our community who face transportation obstacles, and the Wheels of Love Ministry exists to fill in these gaps. Church volunteers provide rides to appointments and to other local locations.  Beautiful conversations and connections take place as volunteer drivers interact with our friends and neighbors, providing hope along the path.

Wheels of Love Process

If you are seeking a ride to an appointment or looking to go to the store or other local places, here’s what you can do. 
Call the Connection Center
We will complete the intake and request over the phone and gather the details.
We will check with our volunteers and let you know if there is one available to drive you and then schedule the ride.

Route Volunteers

Route Volunteers are serving by offering rides on Mondays & Fridays! These volunteers pick up the individuals and drive them to local places they need to go. This can include places like Walmart, Rodhes, Dollar General, and Food Pantries. We have been piloting this Route Ministry since March, 2022, relationships are forming and more and more riders are calling in to take part in this opportunity!

  • People in the community call our office to request a ride – 330.473.6017
  • All requests for each Friday & Monday must be made by the previous Wednesday
  • This request can be fulfilled if/when there are volunteer drivers available. If no volunteers are available, we are unable to provide a ride.

Appointment Volunteers

Appointment Volunteers serve by offering rides to people in the community to and from important appointments. These are arranged in advance, and the ride can be offered if/when there is an available volunteer to drive.