Our Impact

There’s nothing more powerful than churches working together as the body of Christ.

Every year, Love INC of Greater Holmes County connects its partner church volunteers to over 500 families in their community. Together, we are able to not only meet over 1,000 needs, but meet each person where they’re at. Caring for them holistically, our neighbors are met with dignity and respect, while our partner churches are free to focus on serving according to their strengths. The result? Transformed lives. Transformed churches. And transformed communities.

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A Touch Changes Lives

We had a family move to the area a couple years ago. They came with a carload of people and clothing. That’s all. We were able to work with them at that time to help with furniture and other household items to help their new place feel like a home.

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Broken Chain Freedom Concept

Chain Breaking

We regularly watch families struggle to keep their heads above water in terms of finances when it comes time for Christmas and Birthdays with their children. There’s an internal struggle to cave on the budget and just “have fun with it” … until the reality sets in of what has

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Taking Hold Of The Reigns

A woman that we have the pleasure of connecting with is really beginning to take hold of the reigns in her life! She BELIEVES that she can and is living it out! She has reached out to the connection center few times for advice or resources. She is connected with

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Survival In Marriage

We have been working with a couple for about 10 months. They have walked through difficult circumstances for much of their married life. Many unseen- just crazy occurrences. Hope has not really been a part of their existence. It’s been more about survival- on repeat. They are currently in one

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