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Connection Center

If you are in need of help, please call us Monday through Thursday, from 9:00am – 12:00noon at 330.473.6017 and share your story with one of our volunteers. You will be treated with love, respect and dignity. All calls will be kept confidential.

Connection Center Process

The Connection Center is where everything takes place at Love INC. Our connection center coordinator and volunteers answer the phones and walk the Love INC families through our process. Our process is outlined below!


Love INC receives requests for help and support from families who are referred by churches and pastors, community agencies or friends and family.


The situation is reviewed and analyzed by Love INC intake volunteers & staff. Working cooperatively with area organizations, Love INC: Examines the nature, extent, and legitimacy of the need, Determines what help the family has already received from agencies or churches, Ensures the need is manageable and specific.


After the situation is analyzed and verified, the family is referred to the appropriate help: church volunteers, churches, ministries, community agencies.


The family is served by a church ministry, church volunteer and/or community agency.


The Clearinghouse follows-up with the family and volunteer or ministry that provided the service.

Through our model, we encourage, equip, and elevate
our communities.

Without Love INC
When care is not coordinated, needs can be overlooked or duplicated, ​​and people are not served in a holistic manner.

With Love INC

Love INC fosters collaboration and organizes holistic care to help ​churches serve their neighbors through resources and relationships.