Stories of Impact

A Touch Changes Lives

We had a family move to the area a couple years ago. They came with a carload
of people and clothing. That’s all. We were able to work with them at that time
to help with furniture and other household items to help their new place feel like
a home. It was an adventure where we literally moved some furniture in through
two story windows to get it done! Our volunteers are so creative! As time passed
we were able to remain in touch with the family and connect for the children’s
birthdays and even classes at our Fresh Start Program which they attended.

When the family first came, they were serious and quiet. Unsure. As time passed
they opened up in conversation and smiles.

Recently they experienced another life change and have chosen to move out of
the area. They were so appreciative for the furniture they had received, but were
unable to take along- so they called us to donate the furniture back to Love INC!
How thoughtful!

When our church volunteers were there to pick up they had a fabulous
conversation with the family and the woman of the house asked our furniture
team if she could pray for them before they left (before they even offered to pray
for her and her family!)

What a touching experience for ALL involved!