Stories of Impact

Taking Hold Of The Reigns

A woman that we have the pleasure of connecting with is really beginning to take hold of the reigns in her life! She BELIEVES that she can and is living it out! She has reached out to the connection center few times for advice or resources. She is connected with a local church and also volunteering with a program there. She has committed to attending classes through our Fresh Start Program and has had excellent commitment and attendance. Most recently she has been meeting on a weekly basis with a budget coach. She arrives every week and always on time. They discovered together that a mistake had happened in her employment this past year and that was going to cause an unexpected scenario in her taxes. It did not become a roadblock, they worked through it. She did her own taxes and is prepared to not only handle things from last year, but she also has a game plan going forward. The confidence radiating from her is absolutely beautiful! God has great plans for her, and no doubt, she fully believes and embraces those plans!