Stories of Impact

Strength in the Lord

Several years ago we began working with a woman and her family. We got to know her well and could see unbelievable potential in her at that time. However, there were some things getting in the way of her having the opportunity to thrive. We stayed in touch as she began to make positive changes….and more positive changes. It wasn’t easy. She is incredibly determined and found her strength in The Lord. Changes were made as she was able to begin healing and help her children do the same. She has worked with a coach and also attended some fresh start classes. She has experienced some health issues, but has persevered knowing that God will get her through.

We talked with her recently and she was able to reflect on the fact that several years the circumstances looked quite different. Much harder… nearly hopeless and stuck. She then lit up in a smile saying- honestly, I’m a completely different person than I was then! (That’s transformation!)

Recently she had the opportunity to witness one of her children talking about the importance of having a job and saving up for future goals. Her kids have been watching and learning from their Mom on how to live a full and faith-filled life! What a joy it is to celebrate these things with her! God is so good!