Stories of Impact


We began working with a gentleman about a year ago. He called requesting some transportation assistance. Through months we have been able to build a relationship and have wonderful conversations about weather, plants, trees, and the everyday blessings in life. When we get to talk with him, we always walk away smiling because of the joyful approach that is shared through his attitude. We recently had a conversation about all the fantastic drivers that he has met and the wonderful time they have chatting while traveling together. He also mentioned the class that he took at Fresh Start called “Forgiving What You Can’t Forget”. He realized in that class that we all must forgive…BECAUSE OF JESUS! We can forgive because Jesus is in us! He mentioned that it’s not always easy and that we must be intentional about it. He even referenced the words of Jesus as he hung on the cross asking God to forgive the others. He is happily sharing this information that he has learned with others when he is out and about is working on practicing forgiveness himself. God’s goodness shining through in such beautiful ways!